CP Westbridge Hills V 1.1


For all the play button on the Standard Map Westbridge Hills I have CP retracted courses. Only Drescher abgetankt, and emptied at Hofsilo.
There is already a CP course for the map but I was not quite peace with it. (Gas station)
I tried to avoid Gefällsstrecken to avoid a prolonged Bremsaweg. It may be that some tractor take the long way to safely arrive at the destination, and they drive past the gas station.
I will later retract potato and sugar beet.
Bjorn Holm will come.
I do not want all the work for you, and ye shall also still even do anything.
Who needs it can invite him who does not need him to let it go.
Have fun

Ich selbst

courseplay_1.1_vorabversion.zip – 965 KB

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