Crawler Tractors Set V 1.0



C-60 , 60
T 74, 75
T 70C, 75
DT 75M, 90
VT 150, 150 ?.?.,
T 150-05-09, 175 ?.?.,

Modell / Textur / In game: scholl, nevan, MAC, yurovich, vladimir, ursus1234, Professor (cer5840), AndreyGunko, Alexandr17, Myjaki, ??????_1995, LP-Modding ANDREI1994, ?-150, Expert, LSSA Modding Team, }I{EKA, Lex90, Vanya_Grozznyj, Jensgollum JK Modding, Brodo, Trucker72, BrUISeR, DRONKLIM, Kirill, ??????? ??????? (Dang), Vasya_TM, ?????? ????, [email protected]@, Life, Dima29-303, ksergey13, werik, Silak_68
Edit FS2013: zaydel, satalit368
Scripts: Giants, StarT, ANUBIS95, Alex2009, Sven777b, dim-dim, werik, Silak_68, igor29381
Edit FS15 / Scripting: igor29381, werik, Silak_68
Test in MP: igor29381, stasenko100

Crawler_Tractors_Pack.rar – 156.3 MB

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  1. freQ says:

    Mod simply brilliant. Beautifully done, great attention to detail. Great if someone likes to play in the old style. It is worth to download. Congratulations to the authors. Great job!

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