Crop Duster Bell UH1D Agricultural v1.0

This is the Bell UH1D AGRICULTURAL with the fertilizer capabilites added into. I really enjoyed the helicoptor and thought it would be cool to be able to fertilize your crops from above. It cuts down on the time to fertilize your field by a large margin. This is version one and I will continue to make improvements to it and re-release when they are done. There is currently a limit of how far away from the field you are for the spraying to be effective. All credits to the orginal creator of the mod, the only thing I did was add the fertilize feature.

This mod is SP Only.

Bigdaddy012678 (Added Fertilizer Feature)

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  1. Wolf says:

    BITTE füge ein Seil hinzu womit man dann sachen hoch heben kann.
    LG WidderLP
    (Ich stelle den Mod bald vor) der macht echt so viel spaß

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