Crystal Falls 2015 v2

Hello again!
Some of you have been patiently waiting for V2 and the wait is over!
This version has soybeans, sorghum, sunflowers, and oats plus beef and pig fattening barns. Additionally there are 3 new sell points for the fattening system.
I have tried to include everything that was requested. You be the judge!
Nothing has been moved so your course play routes should work. You will need to start a new saved game due to some terrain and foliage changes.

There are several mods that will be needed to make this map work properly. They aren’t needed for it to work, it just won’t work at its best.
These mods are:

Soil Management Mod by: Freelance Modding Crew – version 2.0.48
Chopped Straw Mod by: webalizer, Decker_MMIV – version 15.0.05
Multifruit and Multifruit Module Standard (2 separate files) by: upsideDown version 3.0

Change Log
Repaired water plane
Removed obstruction in Cattle Sales Driveway
Made traffic go a little faster

Added soil mod.
Added beef and pig fattening mods plus sell points.
Added more fruits – soybean, sorghum, sunflower, and oat.
Added straw mod.
Added milktruck triggers and sell markers for those who want to haul their own milk.
Added another traffic spline that crosses the bridges.
Added mixing station mod.
Made some minor adjustments or additions to the appearance of some map items. Does not affect game play.
Turned buy point in dealer so you won’t reappear inside wall.
You now own 2 more fields. (12-13)

A big thank you to everyone that created something or made comments ( good or bad) for this project! THANK YOU!

10 Different Hedges – spider100
American Dairy Barn – Axel_of_sweden
Aussie Shed – Kaznall / Sams
Brewery Building fixed – Sandgroper
Brock grain system – Petter84
Farmhouse 2011 – Sandgroper
Farm Fencing V1 – Sandgroper
Forage Storage V2 – Frisco0177
Metzger Butcher Shop Рm̦chtegernbauer, Pandahma
Mud – Senator203
Oil truck damaged – epic_pryda
Old Weathered Barn – JohnDeere1952
Pig – Static – Fanrol
Polebarn Shredder – Ferrat / Sandgroper
Roadway – Wohlstandkind
Round Barn – hermit23
Rusty Bridge – JohnDeere1952
Sukup Bin Pack – ThompsonM06 / LazyMod Studios FSD
Working RR Train – Sven777b

JohnDeere1952 for his installation of the Soil Mod into the map!
Soil Mod –
Script: Decker_MMIV.
Translation ‘PL’: Ziuta.
Translation ‘RU’: Gonimy_Vetrom.
Translation ‘FR’: Iscarriah.
Translation ‘DE’: mngrazy, Beowulf212.
Translation ‘IT’: DD ModPassion.
Translation ‘CZ’: Partly by; KingFrame, Albi.
Translation ‘ES’: Alfredo Prieto, Vanquish081.
Translation ‘NL’: DreadX.
Graphics: KaosKnite, GIANTS, Decker_MMIV.

IMT Multifruit Installation – Giants, Jengske_BE, Mike Lowery, Decker_MMIV, Bassaddict

Chopped Straw Mod – webalizer, Decker_MMIV
Fattening System Mod (pig & beef) – Marhu
Mixing Station Mod – Marhu
Water Mod – Marhu
Wool Pallet Collector Mod – Marhu

Auto gate – unknown
Durchfahrhalle – unknown
Henhouse – unknown
Old Combine – unknown
Powerpoles – unknown

Have a great day and enjoy!! 😀

Silversnakej42 – 578.1 MB

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5 Responses

  1. Steve says:

    Excellent map. When I hire a worker it freezes up. Any idea?

  2. Stevie says:

    Hi Steve.
    The only thing that causes the AI helper to freeze mainly on harvester’s is the wrong Multifruit file is being used. The right files for multifruit are included in the map pack but if others are in the mod folder then that’s probably causing the issue. Quick test rename your mod folder to mods2, create a new mod folder and place just the Lakeside map and all of it’s zip files into it. Load the game start a new save and the game will now be good as the map will only have access to the right files. Hope this sorts you out Stevie. PS I don’t get on the sites much so you can get help quickly on the Facebook page which the url is in the maps loading description.

  3. Brandon says:

    So I see that straw, grass, and chaff can be dropped at the shed at the main farm and they form heaps similar to woodchips, potatos and sugar beets. That is cool but how does one get those items back out of those heaps. I can move the silage with a loader, but none of the other items can be picked up that way.

  4. dan says:

    I can’t seem to be able to load new multifruit from farm silo in to tippers, soybean in particular. Any solution?

  5. James says:

    Sven777b: Thanks for the Train. Wish all maps had working trains. Makes it more realistic.

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