DDR Dairy Farm V 1.0

Dairy farm for installation with the GE 86000 triangles, textures and AO log is clean. This system consists of a Doppelkuhstall with milking parlor and intigriertem rotary milking parlor, 6 barns for storage of straw, hay and equipment, workshop, food storage, as well as calf and heel stable for rearing the young. There are also at the entrances “epidemic troughs” installed, the water Plane sure you must set itself. All doors can be fitted with a Tortrigger. Silage, dung, manure and milk triggers must still be clean set, and the straw and forage Plan. This system is a replica and therefore exists really, there were approximately 400 dairy cows gehalten.Das carcass House also installed in this mod because it is there also in reality, who thus has a problem, it may ausbauen.


DDR_Milchviehanlage.zip – 22.4 MB

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