Here for the 3rd advend something small, the Agrostar 4.71 with FL console. As one or the other do a little tinkering was the whole prop. Starting with the Agro Star 6.61, for that very reason I have taken the time of GeneralX because doors and windows were in the already cut. New based on the standard Agro Stars geingamed and ready. Could not guess yes that’s it has become over time a whole Agrostar series ^^
Anyway, the 4.71 is also based on this, but as with the chassis a lot has changed, I could the cabin Not just myself again edit (doors cut, etc), so I GeneralX after permission asked for his reconstruction of the cabin, thanks for that again.

Giants Kabinenbearbeitung: GeneralX Haube und Textur: MrFox Haubendirt: Mattxjs Genereller Umbau: MrFox Sounds: Bauer Hinnark Kennzeichen: Johni6530 (?) Beifahrer: BM Modding Kühlbox: Sanderrr Scripte: BM Modding, fruktor, JoXXer, face, modelleicher, ls-for-ever, Sven777b – 17.4 MB

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