Deutz K420 Tractor V 1.1 Beta


The handling of the tractor (springs, dampers, weight ect.) Was adjusted
The Forderachse been adjusted incl. Tires and their overthrow
Texturing (AO, wheel, tire, diffuse and specular have been revised)
The hitch was exchanged (LS15-Standart)
There are now on the tractor a suitable front loader (color)
A Texture Pack is the mod in (Deutz Green New, municipal, also for front loader)

In v1.0 it should be dirty finally released.
Maybe there’s still a version with color choice and a Deutz K420-KRONE tractor advertising (skin)
Prepare yourself by yourself a picture of it

my modding 15

unzip_entpacken.rar – 26.6 MB

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