Dink Smurk Police v1


Dink Smurk’s faggy police car the way he meant it to be. It is unlocked too so do whatever you want to it.

This asshole recently went on a rant putting down new modders, people trying to learn…. He….she….it whatever thinks he is better then everyone else. Well, The modding community is changing and we are not going to put up with stupid fucks and assholes like you anymore. He calims to be a “Great Modder” BUT take a look at this pile of shit. He has it 1591HP and does over 250KMH??? Seriously? Before you talk shit about anyone else…. look at your own garbage. Keep your shitty mods to yourself.

Oh, and everyone who checks this out, the TRUTH aout Dink Smurk is on the laptop in the car.

Dink Smurk

DinkSmurk_FAG_Police.zip – 33.3 MB

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3 Responses

  1. Guest says:

    Nice texture file edit, I bet you wish you could access the i3d huh…

    • mike says:

      renaming the i3d to a dds file is pointless, you can spot which file needs to have the extension renamed within seconds. P.S, For anyone wanting to access the i3d file for this mod, simply change normalcubemap.dds to normalcubemap.i3d (file found in the textures folder)

  2. Jay says:

    Can someone pls make a legit version of this police car kindly, I’d appreciate it.

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