Doll Low Loader Reworked v1

In This Pack There is Three mods
1 Doll Low Loader Neck
2 Doll Low Loader Deck
3 Custom Textured Doll Yellow 388 Slightly Modified To work with doll Trailler (NOTE since Not All Truck are the same size some trucks may let neck when seperated drag groung causing a trailer effect thats what has been modded on the pete Im not saying another truck cant be used but iv only tested A coulpe

Ok Heres whats Been done On my revision of the doll low loader the way they seperated was very slow and unrealistic you could not just drive clear load then hook back up The only way I found to do it and the way was to Split the two parts up as seperate mods so now you will purchase the neck and deck of trailer seperately (Total price still 45k) then couple them together same as hooking two trailers together There is no more Mouse controls to raise/lower & extend/contract the two just a simple attacher joint hook/unhook button

NOTE: when first purchasing the neck it may or may not stay standing while you hook to it becuase there Is no good reason in real life to disconnect the neck while disconnected fron the deck I have made no preperations to suppost neck by its self so for the first hook up you may have to take a front loader to pick up neck to hook up my first three purcahse tests it would stay standing I just backed under it but the fourth time I had to pick it up Just so you know Also Pictures above for best way to pick neck up

Doll Fahrzeugbau für die Freigabe für den Nachbau und die Logos
Modbauer = Micha04668 und MTL Modding Team
Thawk09 Reworked Connections – 28.0 MB

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