You meet at the beautiful atmosphere of the Lower Silesia and will be able to develop their farm in their own way.

On the map is:
* 5 former German farms
* 4 villages
* 2 The buying-grain and sugar factory
* biogas
* Purchase wool
* Garden shop
* Sawmill
* Supply of agriculture with fertilizers and seed
* Cows on PGR and former German farm, sheep and chickens
* Manure pushed out of the barn
* Fields with a variety of shapes and sizes
* Forests
* Machines startup
* Resetting the machine
* Commercial field
* Nowhere niespotkane models
* Mod chaff, manure and slurry v2
* MultiTerrain
* Gates operating fully on multiplayer
* And much much more

Weight: 499.5MB
Fashion additional for proper operation:
– GuelleMistMod
– ChoppedStraw
– MapDoorTrigger
I do not throw them back, because you can easily find them.


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    bardzo fajne mody polecam

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    super wstawki polecam

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