Empty 16 X Map V 1.0 GMK-Water-ChoppedStraw



I was asked again and again if I would put my 16 x map as empty Mod Map available, I decided to make a version of it done.

In the space map are to start already contain the following things.
The slurry, manure, lime mod
the WaterMod,
the ChoppedStraw Mod,
things for animals (troughs, cesspit, dunghill, water troughs and fountains for the WaterMod.
In the Archive included my SingleSiloTrigger Package.

As a small start-up aid, field definitions are included, as well as the StorePlace.
The map has already been raised, that is, the terrain was increased by 55 steps, so that you can sometimes go in depth.

I wish all with the map a lot of fun building and designing of 15814.57 Acres.

Map & Mod by RC-Devil
GMK+Watermod by Marhu
ChoppedStrawMod by webalizer

ModMap_16Fach_by_RC_Devil.zip – 110.9 MB

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