F350 welding bed V 2.1


this is a mod created by TriicksEnigma. I just added a fuel tank, seed sack and a fertilizer sack.

removed the light bar and added a new working one. I think this all works well for a service truck having all the whistles.

TriicksEnigma(creator) Regularguy edited a few things

f350-welding-bed-v2.1.zip – 54.3 MB

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2 Responses

  1. alaska says:

    the truck is not loading in the game

  2. JDub says:

    alaska is right, the truck will not load on its own. However I did copy the contained files into the folder of my current truck mod, replacing them, and got it to work (probably just luck). But I think a few things would make this rig better.
    1. Move the fuel tank out of the way of hooking up a gooseneck, even if this means removing either the welder or toolbox (I can currently get my gooseneck to hook up, however it sticks up through the fuel tank unrealistically)
    2. Add a visible gooseneck ball at the hitch point if there is not already one under the fuel tank
    3. There are bugs with the interior cam such as an inverted x-axis and the middle rear view mirror does not line up with the actual mirror fixture
    4. When unhooking the gooseneck, the trailer falls through the bed and through the ground and has to be reset to hook up again.
    5. Fix the load problem.

    Aside from this, this truck is AWESOME!!!!!!!!! Keepin it American with the Ford!!!! I LOVE it!!!!!

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