Factory For Fertilizer Feed Diesel V 1.4



Version 1.4
Outlets Fixed bug – when emptied of fertilizer is always left over 772L; Gutters fixed; Bale shredders rolls + animation added; Bale shredders must be activated before use; Floor Fixed a bug; Feed was replaced with mixed ration; Mixed Ration production of 450 per 2 parts hay / straw / silage increased to 900;

t0xic0m Gaints (models) t2k-lsmodding (thoralf2002, PP); tech. Objects container by Manuel (LS2011 BGA Baukasten2); fuelStation LS11 unknown; Silos LS11: unknown; Hedge LS11: unknown; Oil tanks: LS11unbekannt;

Fabrikgelande.zip – 20.2 MB

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