Main Script: FarmingTablet

Version 0.9.2
– Allgemein:
– Icon für FabrikscriptExtension geändert
– FabrikscriptExtension:
– Erweiterung auf 48 Gebäude (die Übersicht sollte nun auf jeder Map funktionieren)
– Bankscript:
– Geld anlegen: Nur noch 3% Zinsen

What’s this?
With this script you can open the game to a tablet. On the Home screen you can then open different apps and use.

The tablet can with Ctrl + y (in English keyboard, the z key) are opened and closed with Ctrl + x. If the cursor should disappear once (if ESC or I dückt, simply close the Tablet and open again.)

*1. App: Bank Script *

What’s this?
With this app you can take 3 diff. Loans and invest.

Operation can you all with the mouse. The rest should be self explanatory.

Script: kevink98
Idee: kevink98
Bild: da-hoffi

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