Farmville Map v 1.0


VERY BIG MAP! This is my first map, and I’ve made it easy, so that everyone can try to do some BIG farming. There are 6 large fields, all are ploughed and fertilized. Just sow and you’re ready to harvest.

For an easy start, then go to field 5 and chop the crass, drive it to the BGA and turn it to silage. This way is quick to make good money fast.

Map creator Rex
Original map by AKECHETA (New World Map) base map.
Completely modified by Rex and renamed FARMVILLE
Software: Giants version 6.0.3 / notepad++ / / SdcDev software / FS15
Objects and buildings: Dutch Agricultural Modelling / JNJ modding / RC-Devil / Blacky_BPG / Niels_23 / Henkie_NL / AND ANY OTHER I MAY HAVE FORGOT TO MENTION, OR DON’T KNOW WHO CREDITS BELONG TO. PM ME IF YOU WANT ON!
Special thanks to FS-UK forum for guides and support! And thanks to SdcDev for support, ideas, and software for testing.

Farmville_map.rar – 308.6 MB

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