FDR Logging – Machine Pack 6 (VI)


*IMPORTANT NOTICE* The Duramax Fuel Truck, Low Bed Trailer, Log Trailers, Front Chipper, Kenworth and Machine Tracks/scripts are not my models/scripts I’ve only edited them to handle better with my logging operations and maps the original talented artists that I know of are Big Country, ombelius and FT modding. I’m simply releasing my edited versions in this pack due to the large request for it, I take Zero credit for the models. The other machines are models that I and other members of FDR Logging have purchased and personally put together for you to use free of charge.

All Machines
**To tilt machines’s fixed heads press & hold middle mouse and move your mouse left & right**

Another important note, parking some of these vehicles on steep hills causes them to slide once the game is loaded from a save, Once the vehicle is entered it stops moving, best practice is to
park them against a tree or make sure they are on a flat surface when you save your game. Once you load your game just quickly tab through them all and they will be loaded and locked down.

This pack also includes a new map “Boreal Forest Logging Map” featuring a large map full of scenic areas to log, log sell point and wood chip sell point along with a gas station.

– Cleaned up mod files and unused textures making them smaller in size
– Removed all errors for all mods (clean console)
– Adjusted camera positions and FOV
– Machines now spawn is correct positions with arms in the air
– Lowered arm and movement sensitivity to give them a weightier feel
– New lights on all machines, less harsh better visibility

Hitachi Zazis 200 Dangle Processor / JD 803M Fixed Processor

**I highly recommend you download the manual cutting processor mod**

– New Hitachi body decals with Waratah Dangle processor head
– New John Deere with Waratah Fixed processor Head
– New completely rebuilt heads
– Working rollers that close with claws
– New claws thin design for grabbing smaller logs
– Rollers have collisions to allow the picking up and loading of cut logs
– New cabs body design color and accessories
– Extended the boom length for longer distance operation
– Redesigned physics for head allow easy control
– New larger tracks for better overall look
– Re positioned the cut display and added larger numbers

Tigercat 875 Grapple Loader / Butt N Top Loader

– Re detailed body parts and boom
– Extended the boom for longer distance operation
– New claw and claw physics allow smooth grabs with no glitchy logs
– New separate Butt N Top version of machine with more effective stabilizers
– Keypad 7+4 and 9+6 controls the stabilizer arms

Cat 320D Dangle Loader

– Machine is now a dangle loader style
– Complete with Cat decals

CAT 551 Buncher / Buncher Blade

– New manual level system (only on front and rear track axis)
– Keypad 7+4 Control The forward and backward leveling system
– New body details including CAT decals and other detail
– Larger tracks for better overall look
– Re balanced head and body weight for better operation
– New head with better grabbing ability
– New head locks in smaller trees better for multiple tree grabs
– New Buncher Blade model
– New buncher blade cut radius and node adjustment
– New particle Effects

Tigercat 1085B Forwarder

– Re balanced body for better operation
– Reverse speed reduced for better control while loading
– New grapple physics for better control and grab of logs
– New added cage to keep logs from sliding out the back on hills

Kenworth / Kenworth Long Logger

– Fixed some collision issues and hangups
– Adjusted the turn speed to suit keyboard and wheel users
– Changed some weights and speeds for better hill hauling
– New long logger version of kenworth with stakes and headache rack

Duramax Fuel Truck

– Fixed all gas trigger issues
– Rebuilt the body adding details
– Lifted slightly higher with larger tires for better off road clearance
– Adjusted weight and speed for better control


– New color and body textures
– Fixed ramp drop angle (its straight now)
– Fixed ramp so it will only drop so far down and up (not 360 degree rotation anymore)
– Fixed support system and attacher joint for smoother travel and hauling

Short Log Trailer

– Now has 3 bunks designed to fit 4.3m size logs (native to the FDR processor lengths)
– Each bunk is enclosed by a cage to keep them from falling out while hauling
– New textures and better details on body
– Adjusted weight to allow better hauling on hills

Long Log Trailer

**due to phis cs issues and collisions this trailer is NOT lift loadable to the Kenworth**

– New long log trailer hooks directly to the Kenworth Long Logger
– Has a cage at the back to stop the logs from sliding out the back
– Allows for the loading of 11.3m size logs (native to the FDR processor lengths)

Front Chippper

– New larger size to cover more area on the ground when chipping
– New body color and redesigned rollers and grinder
– Moved some collisions to allow it to roll over stumps without it dead stopping your machine
– adjusted the grinder to get (less) phantom unchipped tree limbs

FDR Logging

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