– Fully fuctional buncher head that cuts and pivots
– Cutter head is setup similar to the Scropion except its stationary for cutting.
– Clear Forests Fast!

First Day Reviews, Jordan Chaleil

FDR__-_T650_Feller_Buncher.zip – 39.7 MB

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5 Responses

  1. Dennis says:

    I’ve download the feller buncher and its not showing in my mods. I’ve took out all my other mods and reinstalled the game and still no luck. Been having bad luck with bunch of mods here lately. If someone has a ideal what could be the problem let me know something i could try. Thanks

  2. Joe Spuds says:

    Hi Dennis , the file you downloaded, look inside it and extract the file FDR_T650FellerBuncher.zip then put that one into your mods folder, that will show it in game.

  3. Dennis says:

    I’ve done that and no luck. I’ve extract other files and same. I’ve download tractor mods and I run outta gas in the shop parking lot. Only thing works for me if I download like plows, trailers, etc. I never had trouble with FS2013. I dont know whats going on

  4. Lantmannen says:

    What shit this is! WOrks nothing and crash the game.!?

  5. FarmerMark says:

    Complete junk, only thing that works on it properly is the beacon.

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