– Performance of execution accordingly (240-390 hp)
– 60 km / h
– 660 liter tank capacity (in reality 600 liters of diesel, 60 liters of AdBlue)
– 4 light levels: low beam, high beam, rear work light, work light front
– Other lighting: flasher, warning light, brake
– Lighting fixtures (high beam (blue), Spotlight (red), warning light (yellow) indicator (green))
– Collapsed front hydraulic unused (pop-up automatically when appending)
– Fully washable
– Interior and exterior mirrors (with inner camera / quality level from “high”)
– Fine abgestimmes handling
– Interactive Control (IC) of door, rear window and skylight
– Door can be opened from the outside (key R)
– Animated speedometer, rpm and fuel gauge
– 12 colors to choose from!
– Tire tracks including -dust.
– No “unnecessary” bells and whistles!
100% Logfehlerfrei (both SP and Dedi server)

LS 13: surrealcrash, fruktor
LS 15: Unguided, forbidden-mods-Team

pack.rar – 270.0 MB

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