Fendt 930 Vario TMS v1.0

Today we want to provide our Fendt 930 Vario TMS in version 1 are available. Currently it is still possible that small errors, but the log is error free.

A few details:
Manufacturer: Fendt
Price in shop: € 170,000
Maintenance: € 15

Animated propshaft
Cab suspension
Seat suspension
Interactive Controle (windows, doors, steering column, etc.)
Animated joystick
Various components can be reduced to / (beacon, fender, top link)
Detailed model and texture

Model: Mo6r, Freak2009, The718Power (wheels), Power Bull, Surrealcrash
Texture: Favorit510 ™
Ingame: Favorit510 ™

If you find problems, this posting but please with us in the Forum!
It is expressly forbidden to disseminate the mod under another download link!
Link to our forum: http://diethoboliker.de/
© 2015 Thoboliker, All Rights Reserved

Mo6r, Freak2009, PowerBull, Favorit510™, The718Power, Surrealcrash

Fendt930Vario.zip – 50.0 MB

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