* Full lighting.
* Full Interactive Control (IC)
* Opening door, rear window and part of the roof.
* Folding front hydraulic (IC)
* Animated steering
* Twin wheels on the button (M,N)
* Animated fenders
* Tire Traces
* Mirrors
* Hands animation
* Warning Sign (IC)
* Animated Hydraulic
* Dynamic Exhausting System
* Wheel particle
* SpeedDisplayControl
* RPMDisplayControl
* Extra weights in wheels (6)
* New realistic driving physics.
* New Wheels.
* No errors in the log and working shema.
* Texture changes.
* Additional weight to buy
* Scale 1:1
* Fuel tank – 495
* Daily upkeep – 295
* Price depends on the model…

surrealcrash, fruktor, roller90, mindis56, JDFan, Jukka, VMV Modding

Sharemods: Fendt936VarioTopPackUNPACK.rar – 119.7 MB
Orginal Link: Fendt936VarioTopPackUNPACK.rar – 119.7 MB

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3 Responses

  1. Scott says:

    I have the 936SCR and the mod shakes when parked. Its a fantastic mod when moving, but when parked it shakes, anyway to fix it? Thanks

  2. Trucky says:

    Yeah I have same prob but also with some others ie John Deere6390 for 1 and NH’s . Is it a conflict with previous versions ( which I have deleted ) ? or something to do with different computer formats?? or the map that it’s playing on cos it doesn’t happen on all maps?? DOES ANYONE HAVE AN IDEA ???? I’m definitely not computer savvy so all help is needed THANKS.

  3. luis says:

    ich finde disen mod sehr gut er fährt gut

    sieht gut aus einfach nur geil

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