FIAT 1355c

Trattore cingolato FIAT1355
-mods per fs13 by 352c;
-Conversione, texture specular, dirty, particle, fari ricostruiti, animazioni quadro, modifiche e in game Fs15 by Peppe978.
-Tetto removibile con tasto key7
– barra traino mobile key mouse sx
– camera indoor mobile key mouse dx
– aggiunta dei pesi frontali Key y
– video camera aggiuntiva
– quadro comandi animato
-cappello fumi animato.
Crawler tractor FIAT1355
-mods for fs 13 by 352 c;
-Conversion, Specular texture, dirty, particle, reconstructed headlights, animation framework, and changes in game FS15 by Peppe978.

Animations: Removable -Roof with key7 button
– Mobile drawbar left mouse key
– Bedroom furniture indoors key mouse dx
– Addition of front weights Key y
– Additional room videos
– Dashboard animated
cap, covers animated smoke.
for ls mods 2015 administrators: This mods is not stolen and is not copied.
Original converted version with the author’s permission
Peppe 978 – 352c

Peppe 978 – 352c


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