Fields Of Green V2 (FIXED)

The compostMaster has been fixed and I added a conveyor to the cow manure.
Plus I added the ZZZ_compostSoil mod and the CompostMaster_Transportmulde.
So you need to unpack and put all zip files in your mods folder….

Giants, And the good people that make great mods… – 1004.9 MB

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  1. Mike says:

    I bought one of the fields, but could not plant. Tried cultivating, but I still couldn’t plant. Tried plowing, but still could not plant. This map has a problem. Thought you should know.
    Also, in the pictures of the map, there is a JD grass cutter (looks like a copy of the IH3162). Can you tell me where I can find this mod? Thanks.

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