Version 1.2

– About charging station must not be switched to overcharging (Thanks to Ifkonator who has made this possible) now
– Trailers are now automatically filled in topsy go (to the overcharge operation must be started once but)
– The ÜLS has now got its own scheme icons.
– Now also available with color selection
Added support for more Fruit / Filltypen –
– PTO now fully animated (not only the stub)
– WorkCam away (this was the cause of the sporadic game crashes) is anyway not needed when you sit in the tractor times

Farmer_Andy (Andy1978), Marhu, Ifkonator

Fliegl_Overload_Station.zip – 28.1 MB

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2 Responses

  1. Eddy van dam says:

    The device is made very beautiful, just what is a very big disadvantage. That it is not automaticly. And during the unloading of the vehicle you turn the device on the tractor, and then you wait. I find this mod no application, in this. I also removes it again.

  2. Maverick says:

    is there a way to mod it to be able to unload silage in bga?

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