Fliegl Transport PACK v1.1

Version 1.1 is now compatible with the GearboxAddon of mogli! Is now the Gearbox Addon active, this is deactivated when tipping. For this purpose, the motor is briefly stopped and restarted. Does that GearboxAddon, not me .. Is my RPM script again in idle, then the Gearbox addon is reactivated. For this purpose, the motor is briefly stopped and restarted again.

This is the Fliegl Transport pack consisting of:
MAN 3 axle – 3 Seitenkipper
Scania 3 axle – 3 Seitenkipper
Iveco 3 axles – 3 Seitenkipper
Tandem Trailer – 3 Seitenkipper
Full trailers – 3-way tipper
This pack must not be unpacked! Simply grab downloaded ZIP into the modfolder and have fun.

What can the mod?
tire tracks
Color selectable at purchase
You can choose between road and agricultural tires select – key [M]
Plane close to and open – key [N]
If you load manure (manure), then a vapor arises PS


FS_15_Fliegl_Transporter_Pack.zip – 70.9 MB

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