Ford AA Truck Pack V 1.0 Clean

* Vmax: about 52km / h
* Attacher back normal / low

* Trailer: Capa 3500,
-> Wheat rape maize barley chaff grass manure fertilizer potato sugarbeet silage woodchips

* Flat (dynamicMountAttacher)

* Manure / water: Capa 3500,
-> LiquidManure water

* A food blender: 12,000 Capa,
-> Forage forage_mixing grass_windrow dryGrass_windrow silage wheat_windrow barley_windrow

* Tractor

* Trailer USMilkOld: Capa 12000,
-> Milk water

* Trailer USWoodOld (dynamicMountAttacher)

Hewaaa – 36.3 MB

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3 Responses

  1. Farmer Nash says:

    hey i am a big chevy fan and i was wondering if yall could make a 1930s chevy truck pack like this ford pack I would appreciate it because i am doing a farming simulator Nash farm history and my family has always been chevy fans so i would appreciate it if you could do the 1930s chevy truck pack. hopefully with the same beds that are on the fords.

    • scott says:

      i too am a chevy fan id like to also see a doge pack just to add to the epicaly fun game

      • Farmer Nash says:

        hey scott you know what would be really cool since your a Chevy fan too, maybe a Chevrolet bison semi truck with a 8v71 Detroit diesel to pull the grain trailer, i am a huge fan of old 2 stroke Detroit Diesel, they just sound beautiful. they just are the greatest sounding diesel engines in the world, to me they do.

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