Ford F-250 King Ranch

Ford F-250 King Ranch Ruby Red converted from Farming Simulator 2013. This version 1.0 does not have functions. I have permission to post ? I do not know, I’m sorry, but all credits are down below 🙂

2013 version:
Model & In game: mwlacy
Scripts: BigCountry
Developed & released by LazyMod Studios FSD
Specialization scripts: V2 by modelleicher & Made by Case_IH_MxU135 | FIX and V4 by DragonLord2007/modhoster,
Sven777b, BJR-Templaer-Henly20-Xentro, Manuel Leithner, Amarlich, Marcu Hedblom a.k.a Xentro
Conversion: Anderson Rezende – 18.4 MB

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3 Responses

  1. Caleb says:

    Probably the best Ford truck on this site. Love it man nice job!

  2. Swagyapple says:

    Thank u so much i thought this truck wont be remade.

  3. Anderson Rezende' says:

    Please, download this with the best centerOfMass:!vsYRGDLA!0EAtAt7-WStUiGpHtWL-GDfGuqlXOqGKc1SkkYxm1VA

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