Forestry lease v1.0




The forestry lease mod allows you to lease whole patches of wood. By leasing a batch of dummies is replaced by fellable trees.

Gamers manual:
Put into mods directory. Done. Do not rename.
When walking press left-alt key to get more information on the nearest patch of leasable wood. With alt-enter you can enter the lease dialog.
Upon lease all dummies or a patch are rendered invisible and fellable trees are planted in their stead.
For reference and quick start see–4

Mappers manual:
A leasable patch of forestry is constituted by a TG with a scriptCallback Userattribute.
Type: “scriptCallback”,
Name: “onCreate”,
value: “ZZZ_buyableForest.BuyableForestLoaderOnCreate”
The childs of that TG are the dummies. These can be low-poly trees, empty TGs just indicating the position you want trees to grow or whatever else you like. Y-scale of the dummies should lie between 1.0 and 1.5, managing the size of the trees.
Optional UserAttributes are “pricePerTree_initial” and “pricePerTree_daily”, setting one-off and recurrent costs of the lease PER TREE. Settings are taken over to the following batches, so you can be very creative with different groupings without having to configure each and every patch.

Skript/Idee: upsidedown
Mapperguru: bullgore
Big thx to: JakobT – 251 KB

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