Frisian March Map V 1.7




Moin, in V1.7 is now liquid and solid manure sale again possible. There is a freight station with trains starting from grain and wood. Some bugs were fixed. Farm was converted easily. Built wishing well for the gold coins reward. Enjoy the map. MfG

Thanks to the modders of food camp, cattle and Schweinmod, roads and Schildermodpacks. – 312.9 MB

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  1. rudolf says:


    first of all, thank you for building the map, i like it very much!
    Can you tell me where can sell the milk?
    And can you also explain to me how can i use the concrete factory to sell the sand or gravel. it doe’sn’t seem to work when i driver the trailer near the unloading spot. is it even possible to use it?

    Thank you very much!

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