FSM Fliegl ASW v0.1 beta

The Fliegl push-off system is a revolutionary and successful system for all transportation in the fields and on the roads. It combines and optimizes the advantages of all well known transport systems.

Version 0.1 beta
Fixed a dedicated Server issue with the Wheels, Static Actor Moved Errors in the L

High quality chassis technology due to long years of development, allows for secure handling, even under extreme driving conditions!

Push-off instead of dumping – advantages over dumping systems
Better stability due to lowest center of gravity during transport and unloading
Up to 60% additional loading via optimal compacting, depending on transported goods and degree of moisture
Problem free pushing-off even in low buildings
Low net weight
Reduced oil requirement, there are no telescopic cylinders
Also with large volume vehicles up to 70 m³ safe unloading, even on uneven terrain
Can be combined with a spreader mechanism, overhead screw conveyor or overhead conveyor in a few minutes

Ingame Specs:
Price: 34995
Brand: Fleigl
Type: Trailer
FillTypes: wheat rape maize barley chaff potato sugarBeet silage woodChips manure
Capacity: 39000
Upkeep: 15

Flexing Hoses, Attaches to a Tractor uses HoseRefTargets
Full Lights
Mouse Control Top Flap / Gate
Support for toggle Tip Side: select Rear Push off, or the Grain Door : http://farming-simulator.com/mod.php?lang=en&mod_id=11643&title=fs2015
Supports Manual Attaching: Manual attach the Trailer to the Tractor and The Hoses **if your Tractor of choice has HoseRefs** : http://farming-simulator.com/mod.php?lang=en&mod_id=38736&title=fs2015

FSModding: Model Textures Ingaming
HoseRef Script: Xentro
Wopster & Xentro, Jackaroo & BlackJack (bm-modding) Couplings and Hose Textures.
Mappers Paradise – BulletBill Testing

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