Version 3.2
Performance improvements; Courtyard equipped with ball bearings and rebuilt; File size reduced to 35 MB; More Bodenwinkel away; KuhNavMesh adjusted; Potato washing system updated; Terrain adjustments; Edited dirt and road network

Stefan_LS – 419.9 MB

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5 Responses

  1. REDDET says:

    bonjour . au niveau de la machine a laver les patates , on ne peut pas mettre ni eau , ni fuel . dommage

    • Jack says:

      you can its just really fiddly and you need a special tanker that you can get in the modpack for the bojonholm mining map

  2. Hugues says:

    Je ne trouve pas les pommes de terre ou sont elles

  3. Sabine Lefort says:

    belle map trop cool

  4. GOBERT Anthony says:

    Bonjour, je ne peux pas acheter les cochons, sa ne me le propose pas dans le magasin. Que faire ? Merci

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