Giants Map LS11 v1.4

Version 1.4
Added Canned Food
Added CannedFish
Added Water Mod for Animals
Added Salmon Fish
Added Eagle by BulldozerXL converted and edited for Ls15
Added Goose Animals
RIVER Edited for Salmon Fish and many more have fun

Production BEER and WINE
Plantation of Apple Grape
Pig Pigs and Beef
Traffic and Pedestrians
New textures
Forest and Sawmill
Wood and BoardPallets Sell point
Train Added
Hotel added you can sell Beer and Wine
Market for Apple and Grape
Added objects Trees and many more have fun

Model: Giants
Script: Marhu—-Farmer_Andy—-Mor2000 Modall Rosenthaler
Idea / Concept: TotalFarmer
Testing: my self
Other: Tanks to (vnsfdg1) for Cliffs Slopes i just modified textures for more fun and the others for the objects and ideas for the Map – 601.6 MB

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2 Responses

  1. kreatus says:

    fishing boats dont work

  2. george says:

    says something missing to operate the fishing boats

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