Greetings Today I can offer you gifts of the Caucasus to download the first German version of the map.

Map Version 1.3.0
Correction on the map:
– Complete excavators script rewritten;
– All matters relating to sale of objects are in the hands of the administrator (dedicated server);
– Garages were optimized in which the path has been optimized with respect to the parked mods.
Adaptation of crop carrot, onion, rye, oats and sunflower
and prices.
– Contracts have been adjusted, you can accept this, defer or reject
should get no reaction disappears the contract and is counted as if you had pushed him.
– Agent request which are not answered, to be covered and the Agents menu you can call them
(Schiff + -)
– Error in bales and pallets has been fixed on the Dedicated Server.
– In the Dedicated Server is the reset of equipment adapted so that you have to like numbers in single player for it. Your pays ie for pushing to your yard.
– Stocks of wool and dung were Adapted

Modell: S.W.I.K. modding team Textur: S.W.I.K. modding team Script: S.W.I.K. modding team Idee / Konzept: S.W.I.K. modding team Tester:S.W.I.K. modding team Sonstige: S.W.I.K. modding team – 433.4 MB

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3 Responses

  1. René Larsen says:

    Nice map, but there are something missing. I am missing a slaughterhouse!!!!!

  2. farmer says:

    why i cant recreate animal nav mesh??

  3. Tony says:

    I do not own the Oil Extraction Plant, yet when I tipped 59k of Sunflower there I did not get any payment. Why is this ?

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