For loader work on the rear hydraulics, or as a front weight
working in the fields, the Grasdorf-Wennekamp!

A weight of the upper class!
Weight adjustment with key Y/X!
Height adjustable catching hook key numpad + – !
Top link automatically!
Hydraulic hoses automatically!
Parking frame automatically!
Multiple be coupled!
Byeable Walterscheid K 80 to pull trailers!
Walterscheid K 80 can also attach the front or rear hydraulic
to move trailers easier!

Basic weight 1.000kg
4 mountable weight plates, each 500kg
Total weight 3.000kg
Silo Bunker Compactor
Multiplayer capability
Log is error free
Price Grasdorf: 2.500€
€/day: 0€
Price Walterscheid: 500€
€/day: 0€

Kyosho for release for the converted me weight of LS 13!
daHoffi of the weight made it washable and at my disposal! – 9.5 MB

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