Gulliluach v1.1

Hey Love Farmer

start vehicles
signage and more details but more to come just wanted to make fast start with vehicles

here I present you my map Gulliluach (Gulli hole) for download
it is not big and flatland more and corresponds to my fantasy so what me straight in the sense came I wanted to do
that is my first map so for me not so if something does not fit 100

the map you have
-2 courtyards
-1 bga
-39 fields
-8 reported
-2 villages
-1 Sep. point of sale

the courtyards there is to say
hof 1
Here you have to start with normal yard cows two driving silos and on the other road side stands the cereal storage
hof 2
Here you have a cow mast and two driving silos

mods that you need
joskin fieh transporter
animation map trigger
a big thanks goes to all modder and scripter which have used objects and scripts I on the map.


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