Hauer Shovel Pitchfork mod V 1.0




Hi Guys
When I got the front loader Hauer found on the modhoster I getacht me a shovel and a pitchfork leaves.
So I comb daarauf one and do so resulted in the.

Link to the loader: http://www.farming2015mods.com/farming-simulator-2015/implements-tools/hauer-vx-170-mod-v-1-1/

And hir, I present you with my shovel and pitchfork available best bast the pack to Steyr CVT 6230
The loader is Logfehlerfrei The shovel and pitchfork and the Steyr CVT also

Vie fun with the mod

Original Giants
Von Mir umgeskind und umbenant und verändert

HauerSchaufelMistgabel.zip – 4.0 MB

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