HeapTipTriggerAddon compost v15.0.0


This mod will automatically add (zip in modfolder) for HeapTipTrigger another fillType compost (compost_soil).
Assuming the fillType compost_soil exists or ZZZ_compostSoil.zip is modfolder.

That in turn inspired more Filltypes can be added to HeapTipTrigger that are implemented by mods.

The procedure is simple:
1. Create a texture and assign the Fillplane in i3d.
2. In the Edit HeapTipTriggerAddon.xml following entries:

3. Zip files and finished in the modfolder.

It is explicitly allowed to edit this mod and publish.
In the credits I need not to be named.

Author: Heady [PLANET-LS.de]
Version: 15.0.0
Version Description: AA.BC
A: LS version
B: What’s new, larger changes
C: Troubleshooting, small changes

Heady [PLANET-LS.de]

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