HeubelsburgLS15 FINAL
Final Version
New in this Version
Added Traffic
Added new Dairy to sell your milk
Added pedestrian in the Village
Added Forest
Added Parked Cars
Added Trigger Wood sell at FarmShop
Added Saegewerk from (Marhu)
Added MilkTruckTrigger from (Marhu)
Added Greenhouses_placeable
Added Platzierbares Händler Pack

Fixed Trigger now you can sell Forage and Silage Manure and LiquidManure
Please Watch Pictures
You need the Greenhouses_placeable Platzierbares Händler Pack from (Marhu) MilkTruckTrigger from (Marhu) to take milk from your cows and put the Saegewerk from (Marhu) in your mod folder

UNZIPFINAL.zip – 290.7 MB

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