Hired Helper Unlimited v 0.2


Situated in the MP mode unlimited helpers available. No more and no less.
And yes there is only a limited number of helpers available in MP.
What should I do? You have to do anything else than the mod mod folder in his basket.
Have fun with it



HiredHelperUnlimited.zip – 9 KB

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4 Responses

  1. farmerkezz says:

    can you build a hired worker ulimited for single player! my farm is big en i have a lot of tractors and trucks! can you build it for that?

  2. Deaf Farmer says:

    Will it work with silage harvesters too?

  3. Nickzouk says:

    it worked <3 thanks <3
    MP FTW <3

  4. J says:

    Will this be updated for Farming Simulator 17?

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