Have Saw Will Travel!!
Travel to the Close Family Farm, which has sadly been on a slow decline over the years. At this point, the family is almost totaly devasted financially. So in order to make ends meet they have hired you, as well as your truck and chainsaw, to clear a stand of Fir trees. Here’s the deal…
You’ll receive a small wage to cover your initial expenses (placed beehive to simulate a wage) plus 50% of any forestry income (hard difficulty simulates splitting profits). Accomodation and use of farm facilities included (there are no farm vehicles or implements provided whatsoever) but you’ve got a place to stay! In addition, you’ll have the use of the lower wheat field to use as a log staging area or whatever you prefer. You’ll probably want to harvest it first, but that’ll be up to you as the family had to sell their combine to make last months mortgage payment and pay the last of the farm hands.
Pretty fair deal all in all…and perhaps this could turn into an even greater opportunity for you. The Close family seem very disheartened by how things have gone lately and are probably ready to sell out. If things go well for you, you could probably buy into the farm itself. First though, you have a job to do!
Starting Equipment
-pickup truck
-placed beehive
-placed fir trees
-no loan
-$1000 in your pocket
There are 395 placed trees to be exact. Maybe you want to take them all down as a mini challenge. Most are in the forest area but a there are a handful outside this area too. Should be easy to spot them…they’re really tall 😀

Requires – the Close Family Farm map available here http://fs-uk.com/mods/view/36181/close-farm-2015
Before Installing – This savegame uses (savegame4) and may want to overwrite any savegame you have in this slot. If so, I strongly recomend backing up AND DELETING your existing savegame4 from your FarmingSimulator2015 folder.
Extract to…My Documents/My Games/FarmingSimulator2015

savegame by me

HSWT_CloseFarm_savegame.rar – 154 KB

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