HTZ 17022 XT3 TRACTOR V 1.0


Light, turn signals, brake lights, Rul, taillight, work light in front and. Rear, instrument lighting
Tires and dust lanes
AO texture
Full set of animations
animated articulated steering
animated Cardan
animated Heckhydraulik
animated Fronthydraulik
animated exhaust flap
animated Amaturen
animated Farmer
Washable (Dirty)
Both doors can be opened
Fronthydraulik per Trigger faded (forward run to the Trekker and press R if the info comes)
Ackerschiene fades out when the attachment is appended

Basic Modell: Dima Kostin
Kompletter Neuaufbau: Mad Dog
Fronthydraulik: CebuljCek
Komplette Überarbeitung: speedy77
Tests: Chaos-Elite-Modding – 15.3 MB

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