HuerlimannH6170T_H6136T_H5116T_H496T Pack
The models 6170T, 6136T, 5116T and 496T of the SDF Group strongly resemble each other with the
Same Series “laser”. Built from 1984 to 1991 they were the Hürlimann counterpart for Same Laser.
From 100 to 160 hp, the vehicles are placed in the middle, the top model is a typical farm tractor.

-Animated Skylight / Hescheibe / door
-Anbaubare Twins (6170T)
-Kotflügel demountable
-Door Opener Script
-Überarbeitetes Particle System
– “Sprung” camera
-Advanced Steer Camera
-Gearbox Configuration available

Modell: Giants, MrFox, BeaverModding, Johni6530, Sanderrr, Marmoe Texturen: Giants, MrFox, Johni6530, Sanderr, Marmoe, SirJoki80 Sounds: EddieVegas, LudmillaPower, MrFox Scripte: face, JoXXer, fruktor, hummel, modelleicher, ls-for-ever, Sven777b Überarbeitung/Erstellung der Maschinen: MrFox – 59.4 MB

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