Hürlimann XM 130 T4i Frontlader v

Hand power back to 130 hp + visually
Adjusted folders + files
toggleAnimatedParts.lua added by Sven777b
– Front hydraulic on / hideable
– Front-end loader on / hideable
– Fender on / hideable
amended indoor camera position (now as in the Nitro 120)
Banbi, Assassin
Known problems:
work when a front loader work, the mirror does not always (unfortunately Game Feature)
What is still made in future versions:
small adjustments of the textures
Activating / collapsible chains for the wheels
Movable doors / windows (no priority!)
Hard Point Version

Basic model: GIANTS
Front loading extension: Banbi, Assassin (XM 110 T4i)
Revision / supplement: wildberry

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Orginal Link: Download mod

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