Islands v0.8 Beta Multifruit

This is the Islands Map by me.
The map is a pure Fantasiemap !!!

What’s all Installed ?!
Animation Door Trigger
Terrain And Dirt Control
Grass texture – Dundee98
Feed stores – 1984Fendt936
Nordzucker – El Cid
Roads – Fatian
Garaging Hall – Wild fox
BGA – manuuuu
Marhu – silo (filling level limitation) – wassermod – wool range Collector
Gene Borg – GMK texture

What you need for the game Works ?!
– AnimationMap

or you take the link below where everything in it is what you need and I recommend you
The map is suitable for small to medium size technology. Anyone who knows my other Maps will know that I am Forst Enthusiastic why a large forest is again built … who wants to make a lot of animals here is false. Animals are installed but have no great significance!

PS .:
Am For constructive criticism always open, where where the Map does not go …. only read full description and then test it again !!
MFG Redi90

Modell: Redi90
Idee / Konzept: Redi90
Tester: Redi90 Farmer Ronny Muscri
Sonstige: Marhu El Cid Fatian Wildfuchs manuuuu Dundee98 1984Fendt936 Geneborg

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