ITRunner Forstedition Container Pack v0.6

Finally forestry work is simple: Through a cooperation of Fliegl and ITRunner known Fliegl tipper sideways can also dumped, are between loaded and expanded. (Auto Load is installed everywhere, but of course must not be used)

version 0.6
– Two new Harvester container: Cut logs directly on the ITRunner or cut into small pieces for the ideal shredder stock. For zweiteres there is a new cage construction with tilt function.
– Minor bug fixes (flashing lights, etc.)
– Minor texture adjustments

Two containers are delivered in this case with a built crane. This can be controlled as usual. A version also offers the comfort that it can be charged from both sides of my Hooklift – so is the crane wherever they need it.
Two additional containers are used, etc. Besides wood also attachments such Wrinch, Chopper, weights attach. The short version is designed so that even a appended to the Zugfahrtzeug trailer does not hit the expensive attachments.
It is recommended to couple with Manual Attachment the attachments.

BETA 0.5
There are still a few errors exist in the log. Once this is my first published Mod, I ask for constructive criticism.

Multiattacher: bjm1977
Here I have adapted the model and “welded”.
Madererogrua_ITRunner & Transp_Maderero_ITRunner: anpeas
Both mods are rather “flopped”, I have taken them as a base for my mod. Sometimes I had to adapt the models, change, etc.

This mod may be uploaded only with the original download link; Please link to this site, so the latest version is always available.


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  1. delta says:

    i cant get anything to grab and attach these. what trailer is most recomended for it?

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