Model uses all default high quality textures including normal maps and specular maps.
Model is fully washable.
Slightly tuned the lighting and have added full inside lighting.
Trailer low added for wider usage across trailer support.
Drive mode script has been added for versatility and improved driving experience at higher speed.
Cost of unit is 58300 and daily up keep is 58, the maximum power of this vehicle is rated at 145bhp .
New roof part added to make it that more realistic.
RPM script added for raising/lowering boom and moving direction of tool.
New sounds made from a high quality YouTube clip of the real thing.

Giants, Petorious, Regan, Xentro (Roof and RPM script) – 17.9 MB

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3 Responses

  1. Tomaz says:

    I copied the downloaded zip file in my mod folder, any ideas wht thats doesnt work ?

    • StreakyToaster9 says:

      worked it out you have a mod conflict in you mods folder that’s why it not showing up i tried it out and i have showing in game

  2. StreakyToaster9 says:

    maybe check there isn’t another file inside the main zip file some times files are double zipped

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