JCB Pack v1.0 [MP]

JCB Pack from JCB DLC
JCB 3230 Xtra
Daily upkeep: 170€/day
Engine: 169kW / 230HP
Brand: JCB
JCB 435S
Daily upkeep: 110€/day
Engine: 169kW / 230HP
Brand: JCB
Daily upkeep: 80€/day
Engine: 107kW / 145HP
Brand: JCB
JCB 260 (Bobcat)
Daily upkeep: 10€/day
Engine: 54kW / 74HP
Brand: JCB

!!!WARNING!!! This pack is without JCB 8310 !!!WARNING!!!

GIANTS Software, LS_Jan0_SK – 64.2 MB

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  1. henk says:

    i cant gewt it to work online maybe some help?

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