JENZ HEM 583 High Tipper v1.0

It’s Christmas, which includes having a present. As you know it, I together with a whole team a Jenz chipper’ve converted to a chipper with a high tipper there. The idea I had myself in FS 2013 already, but never realized it.

And now I’m with these people can realize this project:
– Jantjetennis
– JohnDeere7830
– Herman
– nbomers

The original creators of the models that we have used:
– Boxom (Jenz / High Tipper)
– Lantmannen (Jenz / High Tipper)
– Gnescher (Krampe Frame)

The functions of the mod are as follows:
– Expand (x button)
– Expand Pipe (key o)
– Shredder on / off (key b)
– Control valve (Mouse Control)
– High operating tipper (Mouse Control)
– Action Frame on / off (Numpad 9)

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Lantmannen – Boxom – JohnDeere7830 – nbomers – Jantjetennis – Herman – Gnescher

Orginal Link:
Uploadfiles: – 36.0 MB

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