Jenz Hem 583 z reality sound


hello guys as you know from the fs 2015 jenz hem 583 doesent had loudly sound enough and im edited the machine’s soundas from beginning and its done right now with real sound! have an enjoy!


Orginal link:!sB9hjLoK!pUxGStoT2NAVWOMHF17iTXxpMYTwxrCMj1jg0u8gI5k By_Kevin_Wayne_jenz_hem_realsound.rar – 23.2 MB

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  1. Mathias Lauryssens says:


    Can you help me finding more detailed information (measurements etc…) about the Jenz woodchipper?

    I already mailed to Jenz but they don’t react. Even other builders don’t…

    I want to make a real model on 1/32 scale. But therefore I need more pictures and detailed info and so.

    Could you?
    Kind regards, Mathias

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  2. Mathias Lauryssens says:

    Maesurements would be great!

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