– Interactive Control.
– Interactive Windows.
– Ploughing Spec.
– Working front and rear ligts.
– Front and rear dual wheels whith warning sidelights.

Sotillo Modding Industries.
Edition and conversion Julian11 fom Big Boss Modding – 62.7 MB

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  1. Farmer Nash says:

    I love this tractor, I don’t use it much but when i get the chance on bigger farms, i run the crap out of it, I once put 500 hours on it in 2 days, and refueled once( i don’t like the fuel usage on all the tractors in fs15, it seems like they get 200 acres to the gallon) . Yes great tractor, all though it does have that rear axle shaking after the new patch 1.3. but im alright with having to pull it out of the wall after it was parked for a while. I rate it 5/5. It has been added to my up coming Onelonelyfarmer Farm.

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