John Deere Pack (7290r//8370r) fixed by FS-TV

1. allmost ideal size with real tractors
2. all functions controled from IC: double wheels, trailers capacity, lights
3. speed: 7290r – 50 km/h // 8370r – 50km/h // 8370r with weight – 61 km/h
4. all turning and warning lights working

1. 7290r not trembling anymore
2. 8370r has wider tires
3. all tractors are more stable
4. more realistic inside camera position

Created by: AgroSketch Team || Modified by: FS-TV and Alexandr Meshkov – 113.1 MB

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  1. George says:

    It’s good, nice little change, but please please, put some more time into it and make this washable, this is for 2015 not 13 washable should be a must now. Also remove the sticker, although its good for you guys not everyone wants that on it.


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